Saturday, January 13, 2007

Good Service

I was a little late getting to the church tonight for the fish fry. Actually, I wasn't feeling well this evening, and when I got to the church and smelled that fish, it really didn't make me feel any better. When I get extremely busy I get hot, and being hot on top of not feeling well just aggravates everything.

I sat down for a few minutes to type in the words for one of our singers on the computer and that really helped me to cool off and chill out for a minute. It also got my mind off of not feeling well, and once it was actually time for the service to start I began to feel a bit better.

We had some good singers tonight. There is a blind gentleman that has been coming to play the piano for us and, of course, he is awesome! He will be coming regularly and I hope will play for us in our regular pianist's absence. He and his wife (who is also blind and a great vocalist) graced us with a duet. Also, the preacher who spoke first on Thursday night is a superb pianist and played 2 songs for his wife to sing tonight. I have been really pleased with our music over the entire conference.