Friday, March 30, 2007

The Worst Goal Ever

This would SOOOO happen to me....

Youth Hockey Fight

The pros could get some tips from this one! I love the kid near the end skating around with the puck like nothing's happening...

Youth Hockey Fight - For more of the funniest videos, click here

Why are the Stanley Cup Playoffs better than the NCAA Tournament?

I am a fairly new Hockey Fan. I did not grow up in sports. In fact, you will rarely hear me talking about sports. But last year, when I won tickets on the radio to an Atlanta Thrashers game, my world was turned upside down. I have been to Baseball, Football, and even Basketball games at my college where Basketball was the only sport on campus you could get into. Nothing compares to the excitement at a Hockey game. I don't know what it is, but I understand the sport. I may not get into all of the strategy and statistics, and I am certainly not an expert on the game. However, when I am watching it on TV or live I am absolutely full on into everything that is going on.

And the cool thing is, the experience at Philips Arena is really neat because they get the fans involved in games, they have Thrash (the mascot) getting the crowd pumped up, and they are always giving away something cool or shooting T-Shirts up into the stands. I am sure they probably do that at other events in the same building. You just can't compare the energy that is experienced when goal after goal is blocked by your own team, and then your favorite player squeaks one through and the whole place explodes. There is absolutely nothing like it!

Obviously Carl Danbury knows where I am coming from, and he's influenced me to pursue some playoff tickets for myself. He has a great article here describing what the playoffs are like.


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

John McCain’s MySpace Page Hacked

Someone on Presidential hopeful John McCain’s staff is going to be in trouble today. They used a well known template to create his Myspace page. The template was designed by NewsVine Founder and CEO Mike Davidson. Davidson gave the template code away to anyone who wanted to use it, but asked that he be given credit when it was used...

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Sad to say, but this is actually pretty funny!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Everyone is fine!

We saw the Maternal fetal folks in Decatur yesterday. They did several detailed measurements on the baby and he measures 39 weeks and she is actually 34 weeks today! They figure he weighs about 7.5 pounds right now, and will most likely be in the upper 9's or the low 10's. Ben was 9 pounds 11 ounces and he was a week early.

Everything looked great on the ultrasound - head, brain, spine, heart, tummy, kidneys, arms & legs, & no cleft palette. He is definitely a boy (still), has a head FULL of hair and cheeks you want to squeeze and bite. The Dr. said the baby was already "practice" breathing which is something they start doing around this time. We could see his little belly moving! His heart rate was good and we could see all 4 chambers beating away.

She stated that a majority of the cases of Polyhdramnios (too much fluid) is a "just because" scenario, the next issue is large babies, and a small minority are birth defects. She said that we just have a large child. I'm no, Dr., but I could have kept the $25 co-pay and told them that!!!

Anyway, the wife and the baby are both fine - thanks for your concerns and thoughts. She will have to go to the Dr. now every week until he gets here. Luckily it's a one time co-pay and not $25.00 every time! Unless she goes into early labor or there are complications, everything is still scheduled as planned. May 8th is the due date, and they usually schedule c-sections a max of 7 days prior to that. So we're still looking at a scheduled May 1st. They will officially schedule that at her next OB visit which is April 5th (I assume).

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Use Photoshop's Background Eraser Tool

If you find yourself needing to quickly remove the background from an image in Photoshop, take a moment to play with the background eraser tool.

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This works really well as long as there is a great difference in the background and the colors that appear in the photo. The photo used in the video tutorial is optimal. That's why use should always look for some sort of solid color as a background when taking digital photos, and one that is in complete contrast with the subject. This works a lot like the extract tool, but is a bit quicker. It sure beats the days of meticulously drawing with the pen tool around your subject to clear it out!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Utility Spotlight: Robocopy GUI

Traditional copy and paste works well enough for simple tasks, but for advanced functionality, you need Robocopy. But what if you're not a fan of the command line? Enter Robocopy GUI.

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Computer tech wipes out info on $38 BILLION fund

Perhaps you know that sinking feeling when a single keystroke accidentally destroy hours of work. Now imagine wiping out a disc drive containing an account worth $38 billion. That may be how a computer technician at the Alaska Department of Revenue feels after deleting applicant information for an oil-funded sales account.

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This actually just happened to me - I ran a .bat file through Microsoft's robocopy process. The process ran fine for High Schools, so I had no worries when time came to run it for Elementary and Middles. Somehow, I had an extra character in a delete command that did not get copied to the other 3 .bat files I ran. So, instead of deleting potential problem files, it deleted everything. So all work done at the schools that day was lost. But then we found out that not all of the sites backup processes were functioning, and some of those have been a nightmare to restore. I definitely feel like an outcast - much like Patrick Dempsey's character in the movie "Can't Buy Me Love." after they find out the truth.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Get A Human

Enough with the recordings when you call to get customer are the secret codes to getting a human...courtesy of the OG

OK, this is a great idea.... as long as the person on the other end speaks English as their PRIMARY language!

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Photoshop Tutorial: Glossy Buttons

Create some shiny glossy buttons for your website's menu system. This tutorial illustrates how to add a glossy finish to your buttons or other nifty shapes.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Malware Revolution: A Change in Target

This article discusses this shift, the impact on the user and on the technology, and the multipronged approach Microsoft is taking to address this latest stage in the malware evolution.

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Monday, March 12, 2007

Spelling Errors

I have a hard time believing that the folks in the Atlanta Thrashers marketing department didn't check this before it was posted on the website:

The sad part is, they probably didn't save the thing in the original format, so fixing it will not be a quick and easy thing to do.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Replacing non-alphanumeric characters in strings using T-SQL

Have you ever been in a situation where the table you are working with is full of characters that the application you are pushing data to doesn't like? With the simple T-SQL statements defined in this article, you should not have any problems with those little stinkers any longer!

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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Cops Forced To Release Illegals After Traffic Stop

Cops Forced To Release Illegals After Traffic Stop

Am I the only person that finds this absolutely ridiculous? This just seems like another step in the empowerment of illegals in this country. There are definitely people here in this country that were born and raised here that would be happy to have the jobs that these folks are taking over. It's strange to me how big of a deal it is to go in and out of airports or cruise lines and they make such a big deal about having the correct identification to come into this country. If I am pulled over and i don't have my license and proof of registration it is an extremely big deal. SO how is it that if people don't have the correct identification on them to show that they are here legally that they aren't immediately detained and sent back? Especially in this situation when they all had identification proving that they were hear illegal as well as STATING that they were here illegally. This whole immigration thing has got to be corrected!!!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

A Place in Florida

With Spring Break just right around the corner, I wish that my family had a place to stay much like my wife's friend and her family have. When they want to get away and go to the beach for a little while or even a weekend, they get in the car and drive down to their property. No worries about making reservations, whether there will be a vacancy or planning ahead of time.

So for someone who is looking for property such as this, how do you even know where to start? And when you live far away from a place like this, constantly making distant trips can get quite expensive. That is where the property in Florida website really makes this easy. And the cool thing is that it is not only property on the beach but just about any location in the entire state.

Anyone not currently residing in North America will have a great time looking through the available properties on this site. And they really make it easy by offering search options on price and locations. If this site can help you find a home away from home, isn't it worth taking a look?

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Friday, March 02, 2007

Carbon Credits

OK, first let me say that I absolutely love listening to Sean Hannity on WSB 750 every day. Everyone that calls in to that Hate Hannity Hotline just blows me away. If the man makes you so mad, why do you listen to him?

Anyway, Sean has been really getting into the argument about the whole Al Gore Global Warming thing, and I absolutely agree with him about it. First of all, he has documented evidence that the man has a 20 room, 8 bathroom home in Tennessee (which is only ONE of his FOUR homes) and that he consumes as much electricity in one month that the average household does in a YEAR.

The argument is that he purchases Carbon Credits to offset the emissions. So what?!?! He's not doing anything to try and live a lifestyle that reduces the amount of emissions so that carbon offsets aren't necessary. Now, I agree with the whole thing of cut down a tree and plant one back in its place. I agree that we should do whatever we can to conserve water and fuel. However, I don't believe that we have to freak out and go postal about the global warming issue. I also don't believe it's right for someone to lecture on a subject like this when they themselves aren't doing what is necessary to correct it.

To me it is like someone trying to eat healthy. I personally need to lose some weight. I could to that by eating the right things and exercising. But instead, I walk an extra mile so that I can eat an extra helping at supper time. Then I go out and lecture the community on how obesity is a problem while my fat gut hangs out under my shirt. What I really should do is both, and Al Gore is purchasing credits like walking the extra mile, but his private jet flying and extravagant lifestyle are like eating the extra helping.

Keep on tearing away at this Sean, you have a great point and I'm behind you 100% on this.