Friday, March 02, 2007

Carbon Credits

OK, first let me say that I absolutely love listening to Sean Hannity on WSB 750 every day. Everyone that calls in to that Hate Hannity Hotline just blows me away. If the man makes you so mad, why do you listen to him?

Anyway, Sean has been really getting into the argument about the whole Al Gore Global Warming thing, and I absolutely agree with him about it. First of all, he has documented evidence that the man has a 20 room, 8 bathroom home in Tennessee (which is only ONE of his FOUR homes) and that he consumes as much electricity in one month that the average household does in a YEAR.

The argument is that he purchases Carbon Credits to offset the emissions. So what?!?! He's not doing anything to try and live a lifestyle that reduces the amount of emissions so that carbon offsets aren't necessary. Now, I agree with the whole thing of cut down a tree and plant one back in its place. I agree that we should do whatever we can to conserve water and fuel. However, I don't believe that we have to freak out and go postal about the global warming issue. I also don't believe it's right for someone to lecture on a subject like this when they themselves aren't doing what is necessary to correct it.

To me it is like someone trying to eat healthy. I personally need to lose some weight. I could to that by eating the right things and exercising. But instead, I walk an extra mile so that I can eat an extra helping at supper time. Then I go out and lecture the community on how obesity is a problem while my fat gut hangs out under my shirt. What I really should do is both, and Al Gore is purchasing credits like walking the extra mile, but his private jet flying and extravagant lifestyle are like eating the extra helping.

Keep on tearing away at this Sean, you have a great point and I'm behind you 100% on this.