Wednesday, February 28, 2007


OK, I am not always in "the know" about everything, and sometimes I don't like it because I'm not. BUT, I do like the fact that I could have ignorance on my side when it came to not knowing things. Now that I have been in my job for nearly 2 years, I have more and more people relying on me to do things. However, because of this, I am in more meetings which takes time away from me to experiment and resolve issues.

I get confused sometimes because of all that is going on, and there is definitely not enough time in the day to get everything complete. However, it is good to see the inner workings of this organization and to be able to communicate with folks who actually have some say-so in the daily operations and future of this organization.

I have also been extremely impressed with the external point of view our consultants bring us, because we do seem to have blinders on sometimes when it comes to education. Technology is a wonderful thing, and being able to automate it is even better! Those who feel the same give me a little "What What!" Weird Al said it best "Think I'm just too white and nerdy..."

Anyway, I am looking forward to being able to provide some input and use my knowledge to make our lives easier and our organization more efficient in the area of IT. I am also glad that I get along as well as I did with my co-workers and the other IT folks here. I believe they are beginning to recognize me as a peer and treat me as such. That is definitely a great feeling!