Thursday, June 18, 2009


I absolutely hate those stupid Kroger commercials they have. People talking about how much fresher their fruit is than everybody else's? How do they know? Most folks I know have one store they like going to. So unless you have some independent "mystery" shopper going out or an investigative reporter going and checking out fruit at every store and comparing them, I would say that these comments are crap.

I heard a commercial this morning talking about the meats. Now I understand that meat quality can differ from store to store, but there is a baseline that has to be met and that should be well over anyone's expectations. This one woman was talking about how Kroger's meat specifically was tender and juicy. OK, unless this lady eats meat raw, isn't that subject to the way it is cooked? You're going to tell me you can't go buy meat anywhere else and after you cook it to the same specifications it is not tender and juicy?

Hey - Guess what folks, the name of the store is Kroger - K-R-O-G-E-R - go look at the front of the building. There is no "S" on the end. It is not on their grocery bags, their carts or their sales flyers. And I am not talking about people that use it in the possessive sense like "Kroger's meat is magically better and grants my wishes when I rub it like a lamp" or in the plural sense like "Of all the Krogers in the metro Atlanta area, mine is the best." I am specifically talking about folks that think the name of the store is Krogers - like "My local Krogers store carries Unicorn steaks."

OK, rant over...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Really looking forward to the new Dream Theater Release!