Sunday, February 11, 2007

Go get a room!

The family went on a vacation not too long ago to Florida. At the time I booked the room, I contacted the place directly and thought I got a pretty good deal. However, I just found out about this website that helps you with your Hotel Reservations. I looked up the same place that we stayed, and I could have had a night free with the savings I would have received from this place!

The neat thing is that the Hotel Reservations website is extremely easy to navigate. Everything you need is right there in a single click. And not only does it do a search for specific dates, room needs and a specific city, there are advanced search options for exact addresses, a particular zip code or even a preferred amenity!

You are not only limited to hotel reservations on this site either. There are links to book a rental car if you are flying to a destination and need to get around. And speaking of flying somewhere, they have air travel on this site as well! The beautiful thing is, the more that you book at one time, the better the discount. This would be the perfect solution for business travel to take care of all your needs in one quick visit. And, of course, your company will love that you're saving money. Maybe you can find a nice restaurant while you're out and have a tasty meal with some of the savings!

Hotel Reservations is not only limited to the United States. There are offerings on their website for all major destinations in the world. Once again, booking flights and rental cars is all included in one easy to use location. They have also done all the work for finding current specials, particular spa or golf destinations and anything from family fun to gambling needs. And for those who are not comfortable giving out their credit card information out over the internet, there is a convenient toll free number to call. It is available 24 hours a day so that if you decide at 4:00 AM to book it, they are ready to place your booking.

For our friends who do not speak English, the site is available in translated German, French, Spanish and Italian. There is also a number in Europe to call for local bookings. No matter what your need, they have it all covered here. But, if you just want to go somewhere, they offer a toll free number to call so they can put together a vacation package perfect for you - and at a significant discount.

So the next time you get ready to search for a booking for hotel, vacation rental, rental car or airfare, forget all those other websites - choose Hotel Reservations! I am certain they will meet your every need. I'm using them now to book our Spring Break destination!

This is a sponsored post!