Friday, January 19, 2007

At the In-Laws...

We are at the In-Laws tonight. The wife and mother-in-law have very close birthdays, and we're going to celebrate tomorrow. We are supposed to eat at this place tomorrow night that is supposed to have awesome steaks. I can't wait! The nice thing is that we can relax tomorrow but I still have decent internet access to do some work.

I had to rush the wife to the Dr. today. Her blood pressure got down to 96/51 with a high pulse rate. She was feeling weak and light headed. The Dr. was pleased with her B.P. and said that it was normal for it to be low at this point in the pregnancy. What a relief! They did tell her to drink plenty of fluids because it could be that she's starting to get a little dehydrated. Hopefully she will have the opportunity this weekend to build that back up and get some energy back through rest.