Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Yellow means Stop?

OK - maybe I just have a bad memory, but didn't we learn that Yellow means slow down and Red means stop when referring to traffic lights? We have the worst problem on the street that I work on with lights being down. The side with the major traffic has blinking yellow and the other blinking red. Yet, the lovely people that drive around here must not have studied from the same book I did because they act like it is a four way stop. In actuality, you're only supposed to treat a traffic light as a four way stop if the light is COMPLETELY out. This is directly from the Department of Education's Website:

A flashing circular red signal means stop and remain stopped until it is safe to proceed. Flashing red signals are used at particularly dangerous locations.
A flashing circular yellow signal is a warning of a particular hazardous location. Drivers may proceed through, but should use extreme caution.

Hello - how hard is that to remember...