Saturday, December 23, 2006

Busted Belt

Last night I was working on what we call the music room which is actually our old living room. Since we enclosed the garage, it should really be called a den, but since we practically "live" in this room, I call it our living room. With that said, I was vacuuming using the extension wand and the small attachment to get in the crevasses. For some crazy reason, the brush on the main unit still spins when you're doing this which makes absolutely no sense to me. Anyway, I thought we had everything up in there, but there was a black sock that must have gotten dropped that blended in with the rug. So I hear a funny noise and smell something burning, and there is the sock stuck on one side just melting away. To make a long story longer, the belt actually broke and when I needed to vacuum the regular way, the brushes didn't work. This means that after my haircut this morning I have the pleasure of dealing with the crowds at Wal-Mart to go find a belt. I'm just praying that they have one because, if they don't, I will be purchasing a new vacuum cleaner. We've still got a lot to do today although I feel pretty good about what we've done so far. No matter what, I absolutely have to be done with everything I have to by 3:30 PM today so that I can go get all of our food stuff!