Friday, December 22, 2006

OObi is back...

We had a free 6 months of HBO along with a discounted enhanced cable through our cable provider that ended this month. So, as a present to the wife and boy, I went ahead and bumped us up to the next level since it was only a few dollars more a month. The nice thing is that it included about 6 or 7 more children's channels giving us a few more options for the boy. That is definitely worth it.

The best inclusion was the Noggin channel which we used to have when we were on satellite. Of course that was back when the boy was a few months old. Since the provider offers an on demand option, all of those channels and shows are available to us now whenever we want. And since the boy doesn't mind watching the exact same show 18 million times, it's a perfect solution when he needs a distraction for a while.

The only thing I don't like about the service is that recording to DVD or VHS is blocked somehow. I'd love to be able to record these shows to make them available in his room or when we travel. I really feel like we ought to have the right to do that since we pay for the service. But others would most likely abuse it. Anyway, been fairly pleased with our service and glad to have better options!