Thursday, December 21, 2006

Last Day Of Work!

Today is my last day of work until the new year. We get almost 2 weeks off. The boy's daycare is still open tomorrow. His mother has an appointment in the morning, and then she is going to go to his school party. I know she is extremely excited because she doesn't get to be the classroom mom she would hope to be since we work an hour's drive away. So this will be a nice opportunity for her to participate.

Have a busy few days ahead. Lots of cleaning to do for the party on Saturday evening. Have to go rent a carpet cleaner in the morning and get that done. Sunday is church, then off to the in-laws for Christmas Eve. We drive home that night and get in the bed before Santa stops by. I'm sure we'll be up bright and early Christmas morning to see what he brought! Finally off to my parent's house to complete the day with a meal and presents.

Let's just say that Christmas night into the 26th will be filled with sawing logs and visions of sugar plums dancing in my head for SEVERAL hours!