Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Mirror, Mirror off the truck....

One of my co-workers came to me earlier and asked if I could help her this afternoon. I thought she was talking about something with the computer or with SQL. Come to find out, she went through the gate here at work and didn't let it get open all the way. She completely knocked off her driver side mirror. Luckily it is an electonic mirror, so it was hanging down the side of the truck. So, not many minutes ago, we set out with a pair of scissors and a roll of duct tape to repair the mirror. I wrapped that thing about 30 times - you never know how something like that will hold in 65MPH traffic! She said that she and another co-worker were just belly-laughing about it when they got in. We all do crazy stuff up here, and I think we get a kick out of hearing about each other's follies!

Just 2 more days now and we'll be off for 2 WHOLE WEEKS! I am ready. I am scheduled to take the 70-431 test in Sandy Springs on the 30th a little after 1:00 PM. I have a LOT of studying to do to prepare for this test. It will be really cool to have one of the new Microsoft Certs!