Saturday, December 30, 2006

I passed!

It was a nightmare getting there, but I passed my test. I am now officially a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist - MCTS SQL Server 2005. One more test and I will be a Microsoft Certified Information Technology Specialist - MCITP Database Administrator.

The nightmare was the trip up. I thought I'd be smart and take GA 20 over to I-75. Unfortunately, our lovely state is full of nosy people, and because the lights of a State Patrol Car under the Eagles Landing overpass were flashing, every rubber-necker caused traffic to back up for 5 miles. After that mess, it flowed just like yo would expect on a Saturday afternoon. That is until I got off of 675 onto 285. Same issue - a Dekalb county officer was helping a broke down vehicle.

Luckily, I was able to call the testing facility and they were gracious enough to give me some extra time in case I needed it. Thank goodness it didn't take long once I passed the slow down point to get back up to speed and get there.

I really like this facility, except for the fact that the were in such a hurry to get out of there that they turned off the air in the little 8 X 8 room with 5 running computers and 2 decent sized guys testing. I would figure it was probably in the upper 70's in the room by the time I got through with my test. But HALLELUJAH - I am done!!!