Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Practical Steps: Solving Immigration, American Identity and Border Security

For national security reasons, it is vital we regain control of our border. Congress should pass a narrowly written emergency border bill to finish the necessary fence in less than a year and to have complete border control within two years.

I think we need to go a little further and allow anyone that discovers an illegal to report them. For instance, school districts don't have the right or authority to report someone if they are here illegally. This is a criminal we are talking about - someone who does not respect the law - to me it is no different than someone walking into our childrens' schools and taking whatever they want. You would report that, wouldn't you? Then why should we not have the right to report this type of crime...

I downloaded and read this article from Newt.org about these "deja vu" comments made during the first Ammnisty mess back in 1986 as comapred to comments being made today concerning the current bill.

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