Tuesday, June 12, 2007

New Chair

I got into work this morning and was happy to find that I had a new chair waiting for me. I have been having bad back problems lately. It could be carrying around this 14 pound child in a 15 pound carrier...

Anyway, this thing has just about everything adjustable. The one thing I really like is the fact that the seat bottom is adjustable making it easier for me to sit back all the way and have the chair actually keep me sitting up straight. It also has arm rests that are more for your elbows which is perfect for a computer geek like myself.

Finally, I am really pleased because, as we were looking for chairs, I made sure that I got one that had a 5+ hour work time logo next to the photo. This means that the chair is comfortable all day at work. The other one that I had, I was usually hurting by lunch time.