Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Meade MySKY

With Father's Day right around the corner, I hear women complaining constantly about finding a gift for their husbands. One of the local radio stations had a segment yesterday with all kinds of cool gadgets. Everything that they had on there had some sort of link back to what the dad loved.

Although I am not super knowledgeable in the area of Astronomy, I am extremely fascinated with the thought that some of the light we see in the night sky has been traveling for thousand of years. Also, it is interesting to me that sailors would use the stars to guide their way.

Like most dads, I enjoy spending time with my son, and it is a lot of fun when I can educate him on things he is genuinely interested in. We talk about the starts and the moon a lot. Although he is only 4, I always encourage him to learn as much as he can about anything he show an interest in.

So that is why I think that the Meade MySKY would be a perfect gift for any dad who may be interested in Astronomy or want to share knowledge of the night sky with their children. Since Meade makes some of the best telescopes, this addition will guide you with everything you could need to help you understand what you are looking at. The bright LCD gives you a great, rich multimedia experience. How cool would it me just to point the viewfinder into the night sky and get a quick lesson on the celestial object? This is something I know I would enjoy - I am sure the sailors back in the day had no clue something like this would ever be available!

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