Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Irritating Commercials

I have some commercials that I hate so much I actually refuse to listen or be a patron. For example - those stupid D.Geller & Son commercials. This last one with the helium has to be the most moronic I've ever heard! What about this British guy from Simply Direct Mortgage that turns southern when he says words like "five", "line" and "fight". Unless you've heard it, it will not make sense to you. How about the stupid money lover guy from Burger King that does nothing but whisper. I just have to turn the radio down or switch stations when this fool comes on. Finally, this guy talking about Lance Crackers draws out the word "cracker" with a northern accent about as bad as Jessie Ventura drawing out "Minnesota". It's like he says Minesoooooooooooooooota. This guy says craaaaaaaaacker. I just realized I spend way to much time on the road!!!