Sunday, April 19, 2009

Qik on the Blackberry Storm

I have fooled around with this app for the last few days and it has the potential to be really good. It is not true live streaming on the Blackberry Storm. It may say it is live, but it doesn't actually start uploading until after you stop the recording on the device (which is not truly live).

The version I had was 0.1.4 and I played around with some of the settings - it only gave me a choice of CDMA or to do nothing in the upload options. I decided to check and see if there was a newer version. I downloaded again and it was 0.1.8 - this gave me the 3G option finally. However, the speed of upload did not improve at all - still extremely slow in my opinion. Also, I had a couple of fewer choices in the menu and the application would not close at all. I have to do a battery pull each time I open the app even if I don't record a video.

Without a doubt it could be the OS I am running - it is a Hybrid - still the app would shut down properly before the upgrade, so that has me baffled. Finally, if you are lacking in device memory, it is nearly impossible to run this app because it brings the entire phone to a screeching halt if you try to navigate with it open (thus the constant battery pull).
I wrote about this on the Comments section for the announcement of the release of a Storm version.