Monday, April 13, 2009

Crazy Monday

So far this morning it has taken almost 2 hours for my e-mail to get settled, although I still don't think it is working correctly. Normally, Mondays are pretty wild anyway, but when you add a week of Spring Break on top of major Thunderstorms, all you-know-what breaks loose. Now that my e-mail seems to be straightened out, it is extremely slow. We have about 10 schools that have either lost power completely or have no network connectivity nor phones. Plus, if all of this stuff wasn't enough, people are having trouble logging into Active Directory based authentication applications not realizing that it is all related (and therefore my phone is ringing off the hook). Not to mention that the lights keep flickering making the battery backups click and beep each time it happens. Perhaps I will be able to get something done by lunch time today?!?!