Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Christmas Wish

Ok, there is one thing and only one thing that my wife would like to have for Christmas this year. That is why I have been frantically shopping online for digital cameras like the one she wants. Unfortunately, I have been having a tough time finding one in our financial grasp. If anyone would like to contribute to the cause, I would be more than humble to accept your generous donation.

Since our other camera broke, I have been researching them online like a crazy man, and for the price, quality and reputation, we have decided to go with the Silver Canon EOS Rebel XTi kit. The kit includes the 18-55mm lens, the rechargeable battery with the charger as well as some cables, books and a cd with the software on it.

I think that the most impressive thing about this particular camera is the rapid speed that it can take photos. It can take 3 shots in 1 second. The good thing about this is that, with having two boys on the move all the time, it will guarantee that we won't miss that precious moment or the batted ball. Since this comes with the one lens, I think the future will definitely hold a telephoto lens of some sort to compliment the default one that comes with it.

The other thing that sold me on this particular model is the granularity of the settings of the focus, shutter speed, aperture and ISO. Having the ability to manipulate all of these individual settings in a digital mode, you are truly able to bracket those settings to get the best quality photo in any situation. And I have noticed that the photos online of others who have this model seem to do extremely well in low light situations.

With a couple of memory cards, a UV filter, a case and maybe a backup battery, we should be set for a good while with this one. I just hope we are able to get it - I don't want my bride to be disappointed!

This is a sponsored post.